Monday, November 12, 2012

Time for Myself.

With the little time that I have had for myself; I have managed to enjoy myself.
I went to a cute old-fashioned movie theater to see the movie of all movies. At first
when this movie came out, it was only available in LA or New York. Finally 
they came around to show it in Chicago. And there I was with my mom going 
to the movies. The movie is "The Eye Has to Travel" chronicling the life of Diana 
Vreeland. She was spicy and something the fashion world could never forget. 


I really get goosebumps with movies like this; totally unexplainable.

My life before highschool was cheerleading.


Putting together my sketches for my portfolio.

New Ugg moccasins for Breast Cancer!

Purple Uggs for myself. I try to be as comfortable yet, cute.


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  1. Hi!
    I found you on IFB! Love your blog, great sketches, you are very talented!
    Now following, follow back :)