Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hello, lovelies!

Summer came fast. Soon college was around the corner.
I was for nervous for it all, but a life worth living; making change is normal.
Now guys, I love school, the people, my friends and everything.
I am a freshman at Columbia College Chicago, studying Fashion Design.
I love sharing my stories through photos, so I'm going to catch you guys
up with my life since school has started.

Hey that's me!

My school is so awesome, there was a phone in the middle of the street.

My First Year Seminar 24 hour project, one thing I like about school is being able to do me in my work.

Exhibit on African American Fashion.

 Look one.

Look two.

Look Three.

Making muslin shorts in Garment Construction. Easy but, fun.

When you love school you get grades like this.

My trend board for Intro to Fashion Studies.

Cupcake truck love.

All the goodness & more to come because, life has had it's ups and downs but,
I did miss talking about what I do.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Change can lead to better things.

When I last wrote was roughly on my last day of high school.
From then till now I have been through what is more than a life change.
I went from running of a schedule of what others wanted to now making my own choices.
I struggled with many ups & downs.
At times I didn't know how to feel.
I wanted everything to be picture perfect.
Which meant I would be done with high school, have a job, continue
to work out & buy whatever the heck I wanted.
But, I really had let things happen naturally because,
nothing meant having comes perfect.
So I guess here's a collection of photo's from February till April.

Started off my February with coffee, color & inspiration.


Lovely drawings I created.

Got accepted to Columbia College in Chicago!

Wanted to do something I have always wanted to do.
Take all rainbow colors from the pain samples.

Valentine's Day at it's perfection. All a girl really needs.
Fashion Mags, a card & flowers.

Bulls Tickets! First game at that too!

We had a huge snow storm in the beginning of March - so I put those cooking skills
to use and made homemade pizza!

Went to see the Oz with mom in 3D. Fantastic movie!

Picked up some good reads. My mags of course & Safe Haven.
The movie was awesome by the way.

Had to get some Bulls gear, so I got my twin Joakim Noah!

Made some yummy cupcakes on the day of the game for my family & friends.

My dad loves Big Daddy Kane, bought this as a joke.

Ready for the Bulls Game!

Championship flags over the United Center.

Tip off.

Madhouse on Madison.

 My twin.

This is what happens when you let your friend take pictures. 
But, I like this of my hair - even though it was by accident.

Windy City Reppin'.

Easter for me!

                Color.Sparkle & Shine.

Eggs are all colored.

My kiddo!

Me & my guy - Charlie.

I love editing my photos.

Chicken & Waffles. Is actually the best.

More baking. Brownies.


              Cartoon moi!


I need one. Made my day.

 I was very happy this day. I got an interview with Claire's!

My hair transformation!
 Ombre' & Straight 

Hey there! I got my nose pierced & love it!

to feel better about things. The struggle is really worth it.

Pink Hair. Love trying new things.

Hooked up my brother for his formal. Outfit all styled by yours truly.

Alot of good and bad has happened to me during my few months of
starting life after high school. It's been hard but, I starting to make progress from
the good but, also the bad. But, at the end of the struggle - I believe it's truly worth it.
I guess if I'm starting to feel positive about the bad than, good things are on there way.