Monday, November 12, 2012


My life as we speak right now; is all over the place. The last bit of highschool; which
is weird because, I still consider myself a little kid. Other than that before, senior 
year I had to plan and proceed with a fashion show. Which things in that department
are turning out great. But, also figuring out my college situation; I know for sure that
I'm going to school to get a degree in fashion. But, the choices I have to make
and the requirements that I have to do are killing me. I feel more than lazy because,
of highschool but - I'm working on getting on top of the my game.

Just taking a quick break and soaking up some books and magazines

Bobbi's book is by far the best.

More reading. 

Oh hey, there some college stuff. 

Yes, I'm looking into FIDM


Because, they have everything I need to be successful. Since I know
 my skills with FashionvDesigning; I plan to take Apparel Product Development. It's 
a degree for someone that want to run and operate a fashion label. Everything from
 the design to the business. And for all I know I want to be someone that can create and
 run a sufficient company; and this is for me!

Monique Lhuiller went to FIDM!

Just want I need.

And even co-founder of Juicy Couture attended FIDM.

Eventually everything will soon fall into place.

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