Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tis' the Season!

Ah. The holidays. 
Whatever you celebrate you know what time it is.
Early Mornings.
Long Days.
Crowded Stores.
Picking the right gift.
Holiday Drinks.

I started the holiday season right! With the Disney Festival of Lights Downtown
Chicago. I've been so caught up with the shopping & long days; I haven't kept
up with blogging. The parade was a few days before Thanksgiving.

Michigan ave.
Packed with people from all over the Chicago area. 

Harris the Lion.

Oh Christmas Tree.


Christmas Tree at the Sears Tower. It's really called
the Willis Tower but, true Chicagoans still call it the Sears Tower. 

Chicago Hershey's Store.

Jumbo Strawberry&Chocolate Syrup Coin Bank.
Yes! I got the Chocolate one but, I coming back for the Strawberry one too.

Oh. La. La
Louis V.
I couldn't help but, take a shot of this.

Happy Holidays to all my loveys. 


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