Hi, I'm Colette. I'm seventeen years young and this is my journal 
about exploring what's out there and finding myself. Everyday 
is about learning something new to apply to my ultimate goal; 
creating unique clothes. January 2011 I took garment construction 
at School of the Art Institute of Chicago; where I realized fashion was 
what I loved. Soon that summer I interned at Banana Republic and
then landed an once in a lifetime opportunity to attend Teen Vogue 
Fashion University in New York. But, between pre-college courses, 
interning and a chance to go to New York; I'm a Sr. in highschool.

Upper Right *Colorful Fuzzy Characters for "Colette" by Kevin Lyons

Disclaimer - Most to all of these pictures on my blog are property of me. But, If I do use videos or photographs from another source, I will give all credit to whose work it is. Thank you.