Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall Photo Journal.

My aside from designing, my fingers can't stay away from taking pictures.
I'm much of a holiday person; fanatic at that. I love everything about,
everything when Fall & Winter comes. I mean what's not to love?
Movies, food, decorations, crispy leaves, crunchy snow, sweaters
and everything that falls in between. Here's a bite of my photos to share. 

Scary Face. Boo!

Wreath on the front door.

Up close & personal.

This night was the same day, I took the picture of the wreath.
I learned this technique in digital photography - basically making the lights blur.
I took this in traffic; the shutter speed was like 1 minute long to take these.

Looks like fireworks when, they squiggle all over the sky. 

Weird but, cool.

From the traffic photos I took we were on our way to dinner.
And I just had to see this..
It's a puppet cart, which I thought was super cute.
I feel as if nobody has time to do stuff like this anymore; these
little things in life have a special place in my heart.

Puppet Bike!

I forgot to take I picture of the food I ate but, I some how remembered dessert.
Pistachio Cheesecake with Honey. 

Farm time! Essential to the Fall season.

Crispy Apples.



Shiny and Yummy!



Colors are so warm.


Little Pumpkins.


Big Pumpkin!

Different Pumpkins.


Itty Bitty Pumpkins.

Ruby Red.


No one corn is alike.



Caramel Apples!


Every year we get these yummy Apple Cider Donuts..

:( Way to ruin the day.

And then, I realized my hair is just like the peanut butter fudge. 

Yes, I'm that artsy. I draw pumpkins on fudge.

See ya later!


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  1. Great pictures! You really captured the essence of Fall in this post! Job well done! :)