Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Where has Colette been?!

The last time I really talked with you guys was about my hair journey late August
 and a brief note in September on my new blog look; which you guys can see. 
But, since then I have so much on my plate that it's be too crazy for me to handle. 
A great way to catch up with the time I haven't blogged, what would be better
than show pictures and short and sweet notes about each event. So here we go!

End of August - Senior Pictures! Woot! Woot! My last year of high school..to only 
find out it's the most work I will ever have to do - find out later in the post.

Thought I'd make this outfit unexpected. Dressy from the top and cardigan but,
 sporty to the shoes on my feet. Plus it was super hot that day.

Then, I decided that my blog needed to grow up a tad but, I still
love my old blog - so taking a picture would make me smile; that
was my beginning.  

With the last days of summer, I was more than bored with myself. So I
used my 100 color E.L.F eye shadow palette to make a rainbow on
my eye. Oh & I also put makeup on my little brother :)

Had this very yummy sandwich from Jimmy John's. Since August 16 I have 
changed my habits of eating. I'm not calling it a diet because, it's
the way I want to live the rest of my life eating healthy - no junk.

So as you may know that they come out with magazine issues a
few weeks for the month starts. So I got my babies the end of August.
The Vogue my mom bought and surprised me. But, Elle &
Bazaar Fall Fashion Issue; I purchased. Best money ever spent.
I love Katy Perry and the colors they used and even the fact HB's
made a hardcover of their September issue - smart!

Just having fun and getting off track in Physics. Plus I'm not much of scientist.

Red Mango fix - better than ice cream and way better for you.

Yummy Wedge Salad with Tomatoes, Onion, Bacon Bits, Blue Cheese,
Blue Cheese Dressing and Balsamic Vinaigrette. So tasty.

It took me forever to figure out this color wheel project very tire some.
But, done and came out great.

Told my dad a way long time ago that there is fashion week
in parts of Africa. Found an article in a African Newspaper. Bet won!

Made painting with Philanthropy team; to put in local coffee shop. 
To reform the community about our goals of helping the Liger Learning
Center in Cambodia.

This one is about basic necessities. 

& this one is about Education.

Just shopping to find that Christmas trees are already out; Yes!!
& Purple too!

My Nikes. 6.0 Dunks Green Bottoms, Black and Grey. & the
silver glitter laces my edition ( didn't like the ones in the shoes).
I'm wearing these to get my work out on! So far since changing
my eating and working out at least everyday. So far I have lost
20 pounds; I'm proud of myself!

Bought mommy and I some of the new Berry Hibiscus Refreshers.
Yum and only 100 calories but, you got to watch out for the sugars.

Friday night salad. Romaine, Chicken, Tomatoes, Blue Cheese
and Balsamic Dressing. One of my favorites. 

My weakness yes another Red Mango.

I had to save this picture this was literally my kiddo days.

Dream Car!

My friends homecoming slogan; so cute. And she ended up winning too!

Oh hey there! My dream car again and I get my driver's license
in November!

Senior Shirts. Personally I think they could've done better. But, you get it.

Awesome folder I designed. 


Homecoming Pep Rally!

Mhmm.. I love this man! Michael Kors of course. 
New store I can't resist.

Just beautiful.
It was so hard to take this with out people walking in it.

MK - If you look close I'm making a funny face; perfect timing much.

I love that I'm a name of a perfume. A must have and 
smells delicious.


I took pictures of these treats at a fundraiser for my philanthropy organization,
I helped at and also spoke.

Mini safety pins would be buddies with my Rachel Roy safety pin earrings.
I need them.

So in a nutshell of photos this has been my life. Lots of 
school work, the college process, re-taking the ACT,
planning benefit fashion show, working on portfolio,
working out, eating healthy and somewhere in their
time for myself.


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