Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer, Summer Time!

It's been more than over due for a new post. Literally a month to this day but, I plan to get back on top of my blog game. By at least making a post twice a week rather long or short and sweet. This post will be something I have never done. I thought I'd mix things up! 

Summer it's a beautiful time for relaxation away from the long school year. Sleep in. Catch up on the things you love - for me this would consist of yummy food, sewing, drawing, reading magazines & sleeping.

But this is not the summer I had imagined for me most of the things that I intended to do would be worked around a schedule of summer school. Eight till One thirty-five; Monday through Thursdays. Most of the days when I come home from school I would be be too tired to function but, to me it's a win win. I chose to go to summer school to get ahead versus make up classes I failed; this in which leading up to finish half of my Senior year in January. I need a break from school before starting college. 

Back in April I was nominated to be apart of a Global Philanthropy Summit. Coming into the summit completely blindfolded; had me thinking what it really meant to be a youth philanthropist. The organization that hosted the Summit is Allowance for Good. A three day summit entitled me and other like minded teens to get to know each other, draw up an idea and execute it. With being new to the whole art of Philanthropy we took a trip downtown Chicago to meet with both the McCormick Foundation and Google Chicago! At the McCormick Foundation, I learned that the difference between charity and philanthropy, is charity you just give something away and philanthropy you give something away but, you have a long lasting relationship with the organization receiving the benefit. Google Chicago was by far amazing; the whole office building was decked out in primary colors, the break room for god sake was were you could play games and relax like a true kid. After gaining information from AFG and the Chicago organizations, our next step is to raise awareness about our project. Our project is the Liger Foundation in Cambodia; where the essentials of clean water and good health is meager. I'm teaming up with my friend to not only raise awareness but, do what I do best fashion. Were in the mist of planning a benefit fashion show, where we will charge about $3 to see the show and talk about our project with all proceeds going to the Liger Foundation in Cambodia. 
Interested more about Liger Foundation? Vist  Liger Foundation

That's what's been mostly keeping me occupied. 

I got a new iPhone case. Woah! I'm happy because, I learned my lesson I started off with the super cute Kate Spade case but, in actuality it wasn't protecting my phone, when I dropped it. So my mom bought me a lovely Speck case the Candy Shell. 

Then, before school ended I got into this weird funk where I wanted my room not only clean but, super organized. Most of all the beauty gurus get me so jealous of how organized they are. Made me want to put in that extra work. But, with not alot of time with school. I start and then do finish, start and then don't finish. And guess what it's not finished. And my room is messy and I'm lazy. 

Oh hey there - soon to be clean room :) It doesn't look like this anymore.

It's been so hot here so I try to figure out what I can do in the house. So I start watching t.v and get hooked on Awkward. I would say it's such a relate able show if your in highschool. 

Then, I caught up on my show House Of Consignment. Which is Chicago!

I also was a having this weird phase of needing to build a dollhouse which never happened. I don't think I'm going to waste $ on all the pieces - nah. I got this idea after watching 13 going on 30 alot. 

Then, I needed to warm up my skills to make a blazer of any kind. Just to get some good old practice. I making the blazer out of muslin; so if I mess up its whatever. But, it's actually turning out really good. The blazer is finished now and I'm making the choice of dying it ombre pink. 

So this was it without the sleeves but, it's done the finished pic with color will be up once I color it.

Magazines Obsession. I need to go on a diet.

I was at the bookstore the other day because, I feel as if I have more than enough magazines. That I want to get into books more. I have a few fashion design books but, I also love makeup. I bought Bobbi Brown's Makeup Manuel book! But, I didn't even see this sign when I was looking then, I saw it. Mhmm.. YES! I will be going to her signing; she's from Chicago!

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