Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Little Library

Junior Year finals have been under my wing. But, guys guess what it's been a year since I started my blog!
Happy First Birthday Blog!

Books are always a great essential to have. With being a designer I like to obtain ideas from a little bit of everything. These are books that I use a resource for anything and everything art.

Shabby Chic is my interior design go to book. You'd think why would a fashion designer need this; well home decor is just so fun & her ideas are amazing

Pillows in Rachel Ashwell's book that I would die for.

Singer Sewing Essentials - Sometimes youtube videos aren't precise. This lives in my purse and it's super easy with more pictures than words.

P.S - I made this - I just got this book the other day and let me say Erica Domesek is genius. She reinvents 
herself a project at a time with affordable & fashionable DIY's

By far my this is fav DIY! Who remembers playing with these colorful bouncy balls when you were a kid. Well all you need is pantyhose and tons of bouncy balls. Fashionable or what?!

17 style guide is all about creating outfits tailored to your style.

Also with lovely collages; this one being my fav!

Even though I'm not much of a painter, there's many other tools that I use that I never thought would be in this book.

The Fashion File I got during my internship at BR. Advice, Tips from the costume designer of Mad Men.

 Jewelry inspired by the era of Mad Men

 Teen Vogue Handbook has been by far the most helpful book, that has answered most and all of my questions about the fashion world & designing

Besides about designing  there's multiply sections for other careers in fashion too!

Actual for much younger girls but, I'm such a big kid that my mom bought this book for me. It's the pre-teen version of the 17 style guide.

Gave me lots of resource of fabrics

Tiny Treasures is the most heart warming book. It's all about making mini things using materials around the house.

It's been awhile got this book when I was 7 now I'm 17!

This will always be my fav tiny treasure. Bubble Bath :)

Where there is inspiration there is something waiting to be created..

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