Friday, July 13, 2012

All things Sweet!

I have always been into trying new things. My teacher at SAIC once in majored sciences in his article in Vogue he said that he would never be were he's at if he didn't try everything. Being able to try things outside of the field you want to pursue make you more universal & appeal to all! I'm a die hard fashion designer but, lately I have been in too beauty products, makeup & accessories. It's funny because, as I'm working on college choices and soon on day being able to run my own clothing line. I'm already thinking of ways I can expand?! 

By the way Lush has also got me inspired I love fresh homemade products. Mhm.. Who doesn't?

So on my trip to Lush I went in there just wanting the Sweet Lips. At first I didn't know how this product worked. But, basically it's sugar for your lips that you scrub your lips back & forth. Then, the best part lick it off - It's all eatable. 

Sweet Lips is like sugar textured cookie dough for your lips! 
Buy! Sweet Lips Lush USA - Sweet Lips they also have sugar scrub for our Mint & Bubble Gum lovers too!

Now after I tested the Sweet Lips, Lush told me to top it off with Whip Stick; moisturizer after you scrub up your lips  

Whip Stick's flavor of course is Chocolate what better way to finish it off.

Whip Stick is the frosting to the cookie so let's finish it off yummy.
Buy! Whip Stick Lush USA - Whip Stick
& Yes there is more flavors of these little tin lip balms to many to name so check out Lush for you preference. Click here for Lush

After treating my lips. I treated my skin too. Not intending to buy anything else I got a massage on my arm with Mange Too. Lush explained the minute you put the massage butter on your skin it melts to rub in. Ahhh.. it's a mix of white chocolate & honey on your arm. All day I was smelling my arm. It's like putting candy on your body.

Go ahead treat yourself! Yeah you reading this; it's totally worth it.
Buy! Mange Too Lush USA - Mange Too

Please let me know if you buy any of these products at Lush or please tell me your favorite products - you recommend!

Speaking of all things sweet for your body Lush reminds me of Dylan's Candy Bar! Daughter of Ralph Lauren Dylan hits the sweet spot with her sweet shop.

All of her store locations being in NY sucks but, there's also an online store too. Being from Chicago makes me always get a little jealous of NY. But, even though she sells candy she even sells yummy beauty products. 

With all the inspiring ideas around me. This morning I checked out YouTube to find this wonderful video which had me thinking about actually making some. Which on that note I will!
Rainbow body butter!


Do you love it or what? Colorful too! 

I also love the soap tutorial too.


So what do you guys think? I'm also more into making accessories which I will add on in another post.

xoxo Colette


  1. I'm going to try out the Lush Sweet Lips that sounds interesting! I've never heard of that before.

  2. oh Lush is just amazing... im so proud to be Australian