Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shopping & Projects. Two things this girl loves!

So lovely's I went shopping which I love & I'm working on projects which is my other favorite.
I have been totally obsessed with learning how to make beauty products. This is my start of something new; in the last post I posted the video of the rainbow body butter. Which I plan on making, so I went out to by all the goodies I needed!

I bought soap colorants which won't hurt your skin. Light purple, Peach, Sea-foam, Red, Blue & Yellow
Plus I want to make my creations colorful :)

Then, I got a few scents to make everything smell yummy!

Vanilla mhm..

Honey Almond :) which was also on sale; got two of those!


Then, I got Lavender & Fresh Rain. I feel as if these are more summer/spring scents.

To spice things up. I thought Iridescent Glitter would make everything better!

I also needed a carrier oil in which I got sweet almond; this makes your skin soft


& then some other materials to make homemade beauty products. Just some pipettes.

It's so hard to find unrefined shea butter and nice containers were I can put my final product.
So before I can get started I will have to order those.

On the other hand I bought some other random stuff that I just wanted.

Glitter & Plain pom poms and then, materials to make earrings.
What I'm making is a surprise; so watch out for my post on this one! 

And since I'm a designer, I always tend to find cute things that represent me. I already told you guys about my dollhouse fetish. So since I don't think I'm going to spend a lump some a doll house. I bought these tiny little pieces which scream Colette!

Dress form, Sewing Machine, Scissors, Butterick Patterns, Ruler & Fabric. Voila!


I going to put these cute mini's on my desk :)!

xoxo Colette


  1. You have a really nice blog, Im following you now!

  2. Nice!! Let us know how the body butter turns out! :)


  3. those minis are cute! Post us some of your DIY things!

    You Chicago blogger

    1. I'm excited that's my next big extension to my blog DIY's & giveaways.
      I will keep you updated :)

  4. Great inspiration! I really want to get going with some DIY projects soon :)
    Kristina @ xx