Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I bring up Cinderella because, it's a movie that tickles my heart. I mean who hasn't seen this movie. 
But, my favorite is the cute little animals :). 
The glass slipper is impeccable; at least every little girl wishes she was Cinderella or even a Disney Princess.

Here's my favorite seen with the little critters :)

But, the real reason why I bring up Cinderella is yes I do love the movie & all Disney movies.
Is the recently Christian Louboutin designed the red bottom shoe that would change it all.

Many celebs are buying these special shoes, some are even pre-ordering. But, at this point the crowd is so crazy that I heard there's a waiting list. Woah!

These Cinderella shoes are one of a kind lace exterior with gems & adorned with butterflies
So far I haven't seen these babies on his website but, check out the rest of his shoes for yourself.
Take a peek at his website. Christian Louboutin
I even thought he only designed heels but, he has abundance of shoes from heels to even flats & guess what shoes for men.

I also love this guy because, he's born & breed in France. In which the fashion capital..Paris. 
By far France has more than a beautiful city. One day I want to visit.

I even said to my mom that when I turn 21 I have my celebration planned out. Yes, lol I'm only 17 but, this girl has big dreams :). Most people when they turn 21 is the rite of passage to drink but, instead I want something else. I want to get my first pair of Loub's and when I open the box have tickets to go to Paris. That would just be the cherry on top of everything!

xoxo Colette

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