Sunday, May 6, 2012

Products I'm loving!

Don't you have those products that make you feel and smell yummy well for the moment these are mine!

At Target my mom found this in the baby section. I mean who wouldn't want to smell like a baby? This soap is super creamy and moisturizes your skin.

The cream is something else just like the soap both are made from Shea Butter. When you rub this on your hands it smells like honey butter; the whole day I sniff my hands lol!

The other day it was chilly so I wore a sweater and spritzed this BJ perfume. Never really using this scent, all day I said to my mom " I love the way my perfume smells."

On another note; today my grandma hosted a Mary Kay makeup party.
I tested products out, had little bits of food and enjoyed myself.

This is the goodie bag I won

Beachy denim makeup purse with polka dotted bow!

And the lining 

I also took home some MK satin hands peach cream - which is now my fav. So creamy & light~

Where there is inspiration, there's something waiting to be created! 


  1. I used up that whole bottle of bj perfume in about a month, it smells that good :)

  2. Amazing blog! Would you like to follow each other? ;X