Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Birthday! Finally 17!

I though sixteen was big which it always is for a girl but, being seventeen makes me think of the magazine and one more year till being eighteen :). My birthday was May 1st last Tuesday which makes me a Taurus. Growing up makes it harder for you to chose what you want to receive for your b-day. I definitely needed a new phone but, anything else I get is super special. So here's what I got so far...

Yellow Tulips from Mom :)

Close up and yes I put my flowers in watermelon serving jug lol!

Drumroll... and the phone I got is the Iphone!

I have been wanting one ever since January and at first I wanted the white but, black seems more chic. Plus, my dad picked it out so it's super special!

And this is the case I bought for my babyy!

I love Kate Spade!

And the inside quote is special

Birthday Cards :)

Reese's Pillow from Mom! I bought the Hershey bar pillow for my friends b-day.

This is just a taste since my b-day was in the middle of the week were planning a special family dinner; were I'm going to get more presents. Also one of my b-day present was getting my curls colored; I'm a brunette but, I'm going for blonde highlights!

Where there is inspiration, there's something waiting to be created!