Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You realize you love something when so see how much you've grown!

It's been awhile but, Ello! I have gotten alot of q's on when I
started to sew well here we go! I have been sewing ever since
I have been wanted to create. Being a kid especially you want
to explore everything and seeing your mom or grandma have
purses and clothes; would always make me think how they were
made. Luckly enough where my grandma lived, down the street
their was a fabric store. Me I would always pick out little stuff
that I could play with. I didn't know their was such thing as a
sewing machine so, most of my first creations were hand-sewn.
Besides learning to sew I loved art period. Painting, clay, you
name it I was there. So I'm about 6 but, when you start realizing
that art can be created by clothes that makes designing what you
want; literally sky's the limit.

This "purse" seems ancient to me because, this was the
first of the first lol.

I though hemming meant, glueing the fabric down lol!

And I doubt that my "purse" would hold anything with my
weak stitches. :)

But, even though what I made isn't useful the creativity isn't.
Now I see all the stuff I'm making and everything has to be

About ten years later and this is where I'm at now...

Even firgued out how to make a garment tag :)!

Next big thing for me is; just work work on more clothes,
scholarships and atleast have my first fashion show!


  1. Love this gorgeous tangerine top!

    You know, I bet a great thing for you to really promote and monetize your blog would be a giveaway of one of your original designs. Just a thought!


  2. Yess I think that would be great; I have been getting that alot. Maybe even accessories. I will whip up some stuff. I will make a piece custom made! Thanks for the idea!