Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Making clothes, puts smile on my heart!

So just recently my grandma came from Nigeria and visited
for three months. I wanted to make something special for
her to take back home. So I though she loves clothes and I have
all these fabric scraps from this Nigeria seamstress I met. So
why not make a shirt out of scraps!

This was before I showed her; I took a pic with my phone

She was to happy to think someone made her something
from scratch - from her granddaughter!

Out in the backyard. I made sure I took tons of pics to
put in my portfolio; anything I make gets remembered!

But, the biggest thing that I love is that a piece of my work
is half way across the world. One day I hope that all my clothes
are around the world. She even calls me and tells me that people
back home are so amazed and wonder were she got it. Business
in Nigeria? People keep on asking me to sell, so is that the next
big thing?


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  2. Oh my goodness! You made this?!?! That is AMAZING! I am so impressed!


  3. I fell in Love with your selfmade clothes! Amazing work, keep on doing so good! :)

  4. wow this looks amazing!

  5. Hello dear for the bloG featuriNG>
    You should send me 3 different pictures and a kind of small biographY!!
    through mail

  6. You have a lovely sense of style and a beautiful blog! Please check out mine, maybe we can follow each other?:)