Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Heaven!

This is my home away from home. This is the place were
I can really get my ideas out! So welcome - This is only
half on the other side there's storage for fabrics, patterns
and notions; also a place to cut all my bigger projects. But,
this side is more the life of the party, here you'll find my
colorized collection of ribbons, my cork board with ideas
and the t.v on the latest Bulls game. Gotta support Chicago!

I have a Singer sewing machine and a Janome Serger. If
you can spot it hidden by the t.v a vintage sewing machine;
that I'm doing repairs on.

These are some of my fav pieces. On the dressform is a ruffle
zip up top; my twist on a dress shirt. The silver shirt with
beads is a part of my new Collection that's still in the mist
of work and the last piece is my bubble dot dress.

Layed out on my work table is the Evanston Dress I made!
But, there's my collection of ribbons and thread is always
a must have.

And last just photos of fashion statement pieces and just
something interesting to look at.

But, this is my little heaven - I'm actually working on a
eco-friendly project which you guys will love. Pics are
half way done but, I thought a cute little tutorial would
be interesting once in awhile!


  1. Hey thanks for letting me know about your blog! your creative space look amazing :) What part of Chicago are you from? I have family there :) love that city <3

  2. Wow, you're amazing chica! You're pieces are coming out really well, and everything is so organized! I wish I could have my things like that T^T.

    Anywho, keep it up!

  3. I love your studio! I'm trying to save up for a sewing machine and dress form so right now I'm pretty much doing everything by hand! Haha. Love your designs!

  4. love your studio, where/ how did you learn to sew? x