Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pink Lemonade Nikes!

So for the Dreams Deliver committee; I recently helped
out with a fashion shows during all the lunch periods at my
school. Basically to showcase just a few dresses you
can get if you sign up and make an appointment for
prom. I helped set-up, get the dresses together, help
with the changing and clean up. But, the appointments
for the dresses aren't till end of April beginning of May.
I will be there helping out! and May 1st is my birthday!
The big one-seven! But, today I just chilled went out
to get something yummy to eat and shop, shop! I thought
it's been awhile since I've gotten some gym shoes and
some cute ones at that. I went from Finish Line to Foot
Locker and last Nordstroms. So that's when I saw these
bright yellow&pink nikes. Tried them on and that was it.
Got em'!

When looking for cute gym shoes!
- Look for colors you love and bright ones at that
- Make sure there comfy
Also remember that just because, your a fashionista doesn't
mean you have to have dull gym shoes. Make a statement
with everything!

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