Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fashion Filled Summer!

So it's back to school for me in less than a week or so.
I remember blogging when I got out of school about June
10th or something thinking to myself what the heck was I
going to do with myself for about 2 months, fashion related.
Well, I have accomplished lots in that time frame from finding
a endless fabric store in Chicago, to getting a dress recognized
in my city's newspaper and a lovely internship with Banana

Lovely pic of Chicago in the summer!

Fabric Store in Chicago - Oh My Gawd! Well if you are near the
Chicago area and look for interesting fabric choices and every
trim in the book this is the place. Owned by a family of at least
five, you open the door to ads posted of costume designers. Than
the real search begins. Jewely trims, buttons, ribbons, lace and
all that good stuff. Rooms out done with fabrics and it keeps
and going. Hidden stairs take you to secret other places in this
mysterious warehouse. Like I said so many choices and out of
all the fabrics and nick nacks haha.. I made a choice of loading
up on appliques with glitzy beads and corset buttons. Am I boring
or what!? Out of all the choices I chose that but, I telling you if
you went their you wouldn't know what the heck to get. I mean
it! So with meeting fellow sewers I met and an quirky young
guy student who designs costumes. He gave me his website
address. I love making fashion connections. As, me and my
mom pulled off you could see the beautiful Sears Tower
peeking over Chicago and a wisp of warm air and also
happening that week was the yearly Taste of Chicago yum!

This would be the Sears Tower (One with the two antennas)
Ahh! looks cooler at night
Dress recognized in my city's newspaper- So IFY! I have
a post about this already check that one out but, to keep
it sweet and short, I wanted to design a dress that made
a literal connection to my hometown which I did. I sew
on stickers, flyers and anything else I could find that
represented my town. Put it together with watermelon
lining, purple/tulle and bias tape and my soon to be brand
name on a muslin tag. Presented my creation to the mayor,
she loved it dearly and from there on out I have been getting
more opportunities! Yeah!
the other one check out My Biggest Accomplishment
Here's the Dress..made by moi
Internship with BR - So if you haven't been following through
with my blog. I endured what it means to get a real job from
getting my first paycheck to dealing with customers. I went
through tips on interviewing, mock interviews and the the
real deal interview. Passed the first interview Yeah! Then the
2nd interview was the last day of school for me and a big day
too. Two days later got a call from my youth job counselor
telling me I got the position. I remember the first day with
orientation and now I have one week left :(. I have a choice
to stay with them or move one. But, guess what I'm the baby
their being only sixteen and the only hire 18 and up which
makes me special :)! But, I can't carry on because, Junior
year of highschool is alot with the ACT's and lots of testing
and it's really hard to manage a job, homework, school and
sleep. What do you think? But, in all of this I'm going to miss
is co-workers I have interacted with and got to know and of
course all I got to learn. From the stock room, support, selling,
being a cashier and working with mean to happy customers. I
guess it's the life of being involved with retail, people come and
go and you learn something new everyday. So thankful for the
chapter in my life that will soon be over with but, everything
kinda has to come to an end.
Ohh! By the way Banana Republic just came out with
their lovely inspired Mad Men collection. Very Chic!

School maybe be starting but, I not stopping my fashion career
- Enrolled in a high school portfolio class that will get me
ready for college and we make a trip to the School of Art
Institute of Chicago (That's were I took my last class Yeah!)
- Got asked for my dress made for my town to be on display
for an Eco-themed Art Show. Which hopefully I'll be getting
an award.
- Then my dress will be on display in a window in the downtown
area of where I live
- I so passionate about fashion that; I strongly believe that
I'll be flown out to the big NY for Teen Vogue U this year. Basically
lots of seminars helping young teens in the fashion business.

Summer you have been great to me. Not so thrilled to start school
but, theirs more greatness that going to happen this Fall from all
things fashion-related, too of course fall fashion. So happy to dig
into my uggs, mocassins, my zip up boots and lavish in layers
with scarfs and warm coffees.

Some intriguing casual fall fashions by the lovely Zara


  1. Woah! That is so cool! Once I tried to make a newspaper dress but it was difficult for me. It ripped! Haha. That is so cool how you intern for Banana Republic. I really like the picture of looks by Zara. I'm going to use that a style inspiration for when school starts :) They're really cute looks.

  2. Thank you very much! It's not really a newspaper dress, I used muslin which is simple cotton fabric for a base and it's made of flyers, brochures and stickers.Yeah for sure use the Zara looks. And again thank you!