Thursday, June 30, 2011

Internship at BR! - 2nd Week

So, whats up guys I've missed ya but, I've been busy so now this
means lots of blogging and I mean it when I say it :). It's been atleast
a good two weeks working for Banana Republic and I uh-dore it; the
people, the atmosphere, the music (hahaha!). The first two weeks was
getting to know the store and what goes were. It was like learning a
new language. The first two weeks means I've been working the non
sell part of the store.
Break-down for ya!
This means;
- Restocking clothes
- Tagging or Marking items on sale
- Putting sensors on pieces
- Fixing the displays
Best part of the stocking role - Using the walkie talkies for the first
time. It seemed so fun and I can't even tell you why! Maybe because,
it felt official hahaha! I'm too funny. So, that's the first two weeks layed
out, the next two weeks looks like the part I love the selling role.
This means;
- Greeting customers
- Checking people out at the register
and what not. I think I'm going to enjoy this role the best because,
I enjoy talking with people. Can't Wait! I'll update you guys :)
But, great news after two hard weeks of work...I get my first paycheck!
Yeaahh! I don't even know what I'm going to buy!? mhmh... :)

Kinda of off topic from my internship because; I never
ever ever..leave a post without a picture. Why? because
blogs just seem too fun with pics and videos makes it
more real. I'm forgetting which year this is from but,
I defintley know fosho that it's a summer collection of BR
because, the minute I saw the summer peaches paired
with the mens cotton suit or even the luscious light airy
colors of the women collection; it totally gives it away.

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