Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gaga and Willow!

Most of the clothes I design are really funky and
one of a kind pieces. As we speak right now, I'm
working on a collection for next year. Which my
lovelies will soon see on this blog. But, I need just
to spit this out there that I would love to make
pieces for the "Mama Monster" Lady Gaga and
"I Whip My Hair" Willow Smith.

My fav pic of her and of course Cyndi too!
1. It's thee ad for MAC makeup
2. They look so soft/theme is adorable

With Gaga only being the age of twenty-five and
Willow the ripe age of ten. I realize that they will
adore my clothes and one day I hope they will wear them :)

This is my fav of Willow - Chunky chain, cheetah! jacket,
60's vintage shades and a impecable hair-do to go with.


  1. oh i love anything vintage! I belong there in that era! i dont know what i am doing here! :)
    kisses hon

  2. Love the last picture! :)
    Thank you so much for following me..I following you now :)

    keep in touch
    Nora from IFB

  3. Thanks for the comment!Great post!
    xx Tanja

  4. Great post lovely, I am looking forward to seeing your collection :D you should definitely post some drawings :) xoxo

  5. @ the nyanzi report and Noralia Ayu - Ohh! yeah that's probally my fav pic of her too. She's like a little Rihanna
    @ thisladybehaves - Gurll! I enjoy going to all the Vintage shops in Chicago. Everytime I find something new all the time and you can give it a second life :)
    @ Tanii - No problem and Thanks
    @ all-the-pretty-goodness- I'm so glad you looking forward to that post. I should even dedicate it to you :). And that would be great, I have tons of sketches. I'll bring out the one's when I went to art school.

    To all - Thanks for Comments and for Following

  6. Loove the black glasses the boy wear on second picture.

    Following U now. thanks for following my blog


  7. ^^^ Thanks for following me :). But, actually that's a girl it's Willow Smith lol. She sings I whip my hair look it up on youtube. It's a cute song. Thank you though!