Thursday, June 30, 2011

J'adore Miss Dior "Cherie"!

I just had to get this out of my system (haha!). I need to let you
bloggers know what my fav fashion commercial is....drum-roll
please. Miss Dior " Cherie". Why is that Colette. OMG because,
My list;
- It's in French(which I know); helps me remember my French
and I love everything about the French language
- IT'S IN FRANCE! I love it there
- The music is cute
- I uh-dore how the model in the commercial she's just care-free;
riding on a bike, running/standing in France.
- The yellow/pink retro sun-glasses and the vintage Vogue on her table
- She goes to a yummy bakery!
- Love the little pink dress
- The gigantic perfume bottle
- Directed by; Sopia Coppola (Same young lady who directed and did the
costumes in Marie Antoinette; read post two under this one about that)
and last she flys away with balloons; too cute :)
Here's the commercial-

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