Friday, June 10, 2011

Fashion Construction in the Chi - 2nd Week

The wrap of the first week was making me think. What
will I need for this class. The second week of class came,
I loved the ride out it's interesting of what goes on in
Chicago. This week we got our id's and mine's I adored.
Our, teacher was here is his style was inspired by
dark moody colors and converse. We went in to the
fashion resource center where we gazed over pieces
graduate students made. I saw everything in that
closet of dreams, a beef jerky dress, pants connected
with converse, Vintage Chanel, 70's platform shoes.
When I mean everything I mean it. We then looked
at a short movie pertaining to designers and their
esthics. When then, went back to the class room
facing the street Monroe on the 7th floor. We stood
at working tables while my teacher layed out
not only what we were going to do for the first
day of him being here but, what were going to
gain in the class. "You guys are going to learn the
skills of transfering pieces to muslin to a pattern
then making finish pieces with fabric". He
gave us three yards of muslin and some pins.
I dove in right way anixously grabbing a dress
form. I ripped fabric and started thinking of ideas.
We needed to make basic abstract pieces and keep
on trying to we see results. He also told us to take
pictures because, you'll never remember what
you make the first time. I came up with somewhat
of a men's top with pieces of fabric hanging down

My first draft

I tweaked my piece alittle by putting fabric for
closure in the front.

My second idea

That Sunday was wrapped up of a list of goodies we had
t0 get. Who doesn't love shopping :). Here was the list :
- Scissors
- Seam Ripper (My best friend)
- 18 inch graph ruler
- Pens and pencils
and some basic to start us off.

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