Friday, June 10, 2011

Fashion Construction in the Chi

This time it was my choice to challenge me myself, even
challenges for me our a piece of cake. I stepped out the
boundaries to take a High school Early College course at
the School of the Art Institute of Chicago or better reffered
to SAIC. The class was on a Sunday and from February to
April. My first day was nerve racking and exciting.
The drive there was inspring because, I knew how much
I was going to learn from this experience. As we got closer
all I could do was smile. :)

By the time we pulled up I was nervous of who was going
to meet and are they just like me. I was already thrilled
that my teacher was a guy. I walked in this the class with
music playing around me and to know that I had a sub on
the first day. Attendance was tooken, the teacher explained
that our teacher was in Fashion Week in New York. WOW!
I thought my teacher, good for him and good luck. The day
was light with information from the Fashion Resource center
and a movie on the amazing Jean Paul-Gaultier.


  1. WOW dear, very good to him (your teacher)! I wish you a seccessful life as a designer and I wish also you find yourself! I'm in the same way!!!!


  2. Why thank! I love moi followers.
    Keep up with my blog more to come thnx, I'll check out yours