Sunday, June 19, 2011

Woahh! Internship at Banana Republic

So in the last past few weeks of school ending for me I've been jotting
around getting prepared for my interview with BR. I've had to go to
interview skill sessions, mock interview with an expert and *sigh* the
final interview with them. All my hard work payed off when I got a call
back for an second interview I was ecstatic, thinking they really
liked me. So then, the second interview had come so quick. Had my
outfit planned and had an idea in my mind of what I was going to say
better than the first time. Ten minutes I came early and I went by
so quickly, that I pulled off everything I needed to say. I send a thank
you card and in a a or so I got a call back from my job counselor saying
I made the cut to be an intern for BR. And with that I got two free
gift cards to shop at GAP and that same day I bought new clothes for
the job and a pair of chocolate TOMS. So excited to learn the behind
the scenes of a great company. BR here I come!

Here's the stuff I bought at GAP -
Grey Glittered bag - reg. 27.95 but, it was 50% percent off!
Swheet! and the 17 mag, mine :D

Orange Creme and Mint Green Sweaters. I
got to of these bad boys. Their so roomy and
comfy. Reg like 54 something then, 29 bucks
and then it was half off. Mhmm.. I love deals

When I was shopping around for my TOMS at Nordstroms,
I came across these adorable purple booties with bow ties in the back.

Aren't these babies cute? I believe they are Jeffrey Campbell's

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  1. The JC backtribow looks ahhmazing! Love it. Hmm might have to get it for fall, but I already bought tons of shoes.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love yours.

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