Friday, April 20, 2012

A day at the fabric store..

So usually went it's a Friday my creative juices start flowing because, I know it's the weekend and I get do to projects. When my mom picked me up from school, I started my Friday off with receiving the May Vogue issue with Scarlett Johnasson. Thanks Mom! I always love the summer fashions, plus Scarlett's theme for her feature was fabulous! I highly recommend you get your hands on one :)

Then, it was off to the fabric store. I always go in there knowing about half of what I need yet, I come out with more than expected but, that's okay.
These were the lovely fabrics I picked out!
  All my fabrics were half off but, for each I only purchased 2 yards.
Let's take a look at them


So this fabric I loved right away I thought Marie Antoinette. The Victorian vibe I got from it was killer. And I know that I can make something so delicate and unique out of this piece. Lacey fabric cost me about $11 


Then, this peach lace fabric brought back memories from Banana Republic; they had a tank top with this material. Peach lace $10


Jacquard fabric I have never used and purple is my favorite color. On the end though this fabric can really fray but, yet so sparkly. Purple Jacquard $6 


This fabric was a newbie to me too! Gingham is in for summer so let's try it in pink. This cost me $7


Notions I got four separating zippers; which I have an obsession with at the moment. And stitch witchery which happens to be magic!

I also bought four patterns for 99 cents. Which get kinda of boring because, it's just tissue paper with basically the pieces of the puzzle to making clothing. 
At Joann I paid roughly 57 buck-a-roos and I saved over $114.34. Wow!

Then, I went to Hobby Lobby were they have everything. And didn't really think I needed anything until I spotted this quirky lamp.

This lamp was me because, I like very usual items. A ribbon beaded lamp! I just had to have it!

Everytime I look at it I think of candy!

Lamp was $14 then half off for $7

Where there is inspiration, there's something waiting to be created.

      xoxox - Colette

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