Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Fashion is a Religion and This is it's Bible"

Oke-dokey! So were still trying to wrap up the month of August and
the September Issue is out.
Definition of September Issue - When most of know fashion
magazines comeout with the must haves with the season, since Fall/Winter
you seem to be able to accessorize and have more fun in this season.

Most known for this is Vogue Magagzine. Lovely Kate Moss is on the cover
with fab purple dress with rhinestones on the top.

They even came out with the movie to explain it all. It's a documentary
about them making the issue of the mag in 2009 and how much time
is put into it.In, this documentary you'll meet the both Anna Wintour
and Grace Coddington and how they operate with the magazine

Pick one up if you see it!


  1. I always wanted to see this movie/documentary.
    Lovely post, doll!

    'September is the January in fashion' - my favorite quote from her :D

  2. Please see the movie everything makes more sense.
    Thank you Doll!
    And yeah that quote is my fav too!