Monday, June 20, 2011

The Teen Vogue Handbook

Lately, I bought The Teen Vogue Handbook. I would say that this book is really in tune to what young teens are intrested in. In connections in the fact that it's with the Teen Vogue magazine. It gives you the down and deep with guide to many careers in the fashion field. Which includes Designers on the move such as Tory Burch and Rodarte. They will also feel a connection with the other fields of work such as Editors, Stylists, Modeling, Make-up Artist and Photography. Which is really something to look into because, they give you an array of actual students who are making their dreams happen just like you should be doing. There is also a little help at the end of each section there's a guide in which what supplies you will need to accomplish the career and hints to get you started. In the back of the book there also is a fond dictionary of the words used in the fashion field. To conlude take a peep if your under the age 18 at the colleges in which can prepare you for dreams, ones that are locally known or are in a different states.This book is at most book stores such as Borders and Barnes and Noble. Only for the price for $24.95. Pick yours up today :)
Here's a page in the book


  1. Thank you for making this posts... I'm now going to look for this book. :)

  2. Please do it's such a great help ;)