Thursday, June 23, 2011

BR Internship - So far

It's been at least two days working as an intern for Banana Republic and as they say so far so good. The first day everybody said hi and what not. I got jumbled around doing plenty of jobs and it's more than interesting to actual do the behind the scenes of a retail clothing store. I'm so used to going into the store to purchasing clothing and I see plenty of people mess up clothing and through items on the floor. I realize that it takes lots of hard work, so I give my props to them. Makes me feel so great to be apart of something inspiring, getting this opportunity means even more opportunities from this one.

So here's the story behind this guy (isn't he cute), guess a few years back they used him for an ad campaign. Who would have ever know!?

Photo source - Google Images; Search Banana Republic


  1. Congrats on your internship, it's cool that now you're behind the scenes, making it happen! :DD & cute lama, they should show this ad again.