Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hello, lovelies!

Summer came fast. Soon college was around the corner.
I was for nervous for it all, but a life worth living; making change is normal.
Now guys, I love school, the people, my friends and everything.
I am a freshman at Columbia College Chicago, studying Fashion Design.
I love sharing my stories through photos, so I'm going to catch you guys
up with my life since school has started.

Hey that's me!

My school is so awesome, there was a phone in the middle of the street.

My First Year Seminar 24 hour project, one thing I like about school is being able to do me in my work.

Exhibit on African American Fashion.

 Look one.

Look two.

Look Three.

Making muslin shorts in Garment Construction. Easy but, fun.

When you love school you get grades like this.

My trend board for Intro to Fashion Studies.

Cupcake truck love.

All the goodness & more to come because, life has had it's ups and downs but,
I did miss talking about what I do.

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