Friday, August 24, 2012

My Curly Tale.

As you know me as the Journal of a Young Designer & my mission statement for my blog is "Soon to be designer but, trying to explore what life is about and find myself at the same time." With just being seventeen years young & finding myself; there's other aspects of my life I rarely talk about. And one of them is my hair. It has taken more than several trial and errors to figure out how my hair works. Coming from the best of the both worlds Black&White; meant learning how to take care of curly hair. As a young bi-racial baby my mom used to braid my hair, brush it and take care of my special hair. But, as I got into middle school till I was a Junior in Highschool my hair for me to figure out as a teenager was the hardest. All through middle I was a cheerleader and my whole team was African American. So, I always used to get my hair braided and straightened. Not knowing this was bad for my hair. In, between getting my hair done I would just put my hair in buns and pretty much do nothing but, put hair gel in it. With not knowing that I was treating my hair bad, I would get very bad mats and nappy hair. Then, when I graduated middle school one stylist was way to lazy to give me outlook and brush my hair and instead cut it lop-sided. Ever since then, I hated my hair because, of it being uneven. Up till the beginning of Junior year my hair in Freshman year and Sophomore year was being brushed and taken care of the wrong way. I was using one of those rectangle hair brushes and wasn't moisturizing my hair..Then, in September of 2011 I needed to figure out what I was going to do with my hair for a wedding & it clicked with me for once I didn't want to flat iron my hair..I wanted to go natural. That was the best choice I ever made! Luckily not far where I live there is a salon that specializes in curly hair. So I made my appointment for my hair cut! I swallowed my spit and new the choppers where awaiting me because, a good amount of my hair was damaged. I tried to relax..then I got my hair washed with special curly products and I was told tips that I never knew. All along I was told that I had black hair but, in reality I have black and white hair and that's why it curls. As the stylist turned my chair around, I knew that this was going to be a new beginning. I'm not going to lie when I saw my hair I hated it because, the ends sat right next to my earrings and I could feel the breeze on my neck. I was sad because, for this long no one was teaching me the right tricks to take care of my hair and I had to start all over...

That was in September and now it's August of 2012 and I can surely say that I have come a long way to making next month a year. Since then, I have been taking care of my hair the right way and you can say that it's close to my collarbone. I realize with doing the right things to your hair that it can grow super fast.This is why in this section of my blog I'm going to keep track of my hair growth from this post and soon on till I achieve my goal length, pictures of my hair growth every month, products & tools I use, tips for curly hair & anything that shouts curly hair. I'm doing this so everyone can enjoy, for the readers that do have curly hair or even for readers to know what it is like to have and maintain curly hair. Hope you guys enjoy!
xoxo Colette

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