Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mini Fashion Film! #videofyme

With me still being in highschool I want to try everything before college. When I put my mind to it, I won't feel accomplished in less I actually do it! On Monday of this week I planned to enter the Video of My Fashion contest. I notice with me I always start with big ideas. Which I love because, I can trim them down rather than working with nothing. The video I made literally in one day I'm equally as proud of it because, it's so close to my first idea. It's everything I wanted to achieve within a minute. For the contest as goes a trip to Sweden's Fashion week and the end of the month & some other goodies. But, all I really paid attention to was Fashion week in a whole other country. I'm crossing my fingers, my toes and wishing on everything I win something. For me it's so hard to be recognized at what I do because, I'm 17 & in highschool. Basically the video is the process I always go through making pieces. Here's my ramble , I need to fill up my sketch book, look for inspiration, draw the piece out, hope to god I have fabric for my liking, actually make the garment. & then take pictures and document what I have done. & the rest in my little wee of a minute video can speak for itself.

Hope you guys enjoy my mini movie debut! Let me know what you think

Oh & by the way the song I chose was perfect. It's by Chandy and guess what it's called .."Fashion!"
Perfect song that explains everything. I heard this song of my favorite show House Of Consignment!

xoxo Colette

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