Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Follow Me! & Surprise!

I started off with just having a blogger and a twitter. Just, last year I made a tumblr. & now a few days ago I made a pinterest, blogloving & instagram. Show some love on my new social networks if you do have any one of those. I always follow back. 

Making social networking fashionable. 

Blog - Your own right now! :) If your not following be sure to follow. Feel free to leave a comment.
Twitterhttps://twitter.com/mixed_sprinkles. Be sure to follow and tweet me! I love talking to your guys.
Tumblrhttp://journalofayoungdesigner.tumblr.com/. Lots of fun inspirational images & follow to keep with it.
Pinteresthttp://pinterest.com/mixedsprinkles/. More fun images! I keep connected with Twitter. Follow me I'd love to see your boards!
Bloglovin - Click on my blinking Eiffel Tower on your right!
Instagram -  search @mixed_sprinkles on instagram! 

Remember on all my networks if I see you following me first, I follow back I love my followers. & if you don't have any of this networks I suggest you to have them. They become more useful to connect with more readers. I finally realized it now :).

Also, in a week or so there's going to be a new surprise on my blog.. 

xoxo Colette


  1. I love the impact social media has made on blogging! I need to start expanding as well! Good luck!(:


  2. hey you got a beautiful blog....even i got a blog... hope you would visit mine...
    we can follow each other also...follow me and i'l follow you back for sure...

  3. i love your blog ^_^