Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Experiment - Blazer Jacket

So hey guys! I finished summer school and I'm half way with 
being done with high school! Even with a month before I have to go 
back to school, I want to enjoy this mini summer I got. What keeps me going 
& busy is fashion. It's like every time I think about what I can create 
I get an adrenaline rush. 
& that's what I love

A while back you guys might have saw a post about me in the mist 
of making this jacket. Well guess what I'm finished; haha not really. 
 will tell you why but, the blazer is fully constructed; pockets, 
blind hem, sergered ends; you name it.

Voila here's the front view!

Here's the back!

I'm really proud of myself that I tackled this jacket at first 
I was like a was just going to make it out of muslin ( simple cotton fabric ) 
just to practice on. But, once things started getting together, I said to myself 
lets make the most of this. & that's exactly what I'm going to do. 

I want to take a risk :). I always see on Project Runway them dye their hideous fabric. But, mine isn't terrible so the color would be more than fab!

So for being a few dollars & even more cheap for being I sale I picked up some Rit Dye!
Drum Roll! & the color I went with is...

Petal Pink! I want to do something soft and sweet; Marie Antoinette inspired that is.
So I'am not going to dye the whole jacket the same color. I'm going to do it Ombre Dyed.

Everything Ombre!

Hair which I want!

Bedding which I love!

T- shirt which is what I'm doing to my jacket!

& everything in between!
Let me know what you think about my jacket! :)
The process!
I thought I would show a simple and short brief video of what I'm doing.

In the video as you can see she's dying shorts with two colors.
But, yet the process is totally the same. 
This not only is what I'm doing but, this is one of my favorite YouTubers 
for DIY's Fab Sugar Tv. If you love creating unique things show them
some love & even subscribe too!

& here's the Rit Website Ombre Dying

Here's my other project! I'm working on painting my middle name for something special..

I also thought a gold "J" would really make it Pop!

 What do you think it is? Feel free to leave a comment of what I going to do with this. But, sooner or later when I'm done with this you guys will know any way!

xoxo Colette


  1. Your blazer that you made is so pretty. I started sewing and I am making a bag.