Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Vera Bradley Mother and Daughter Event with Seventeen Magazine - October 12th!

Back in October I remember RSVP-ing for this event one day before
it was going to happen. I just wanted to meet my role model Zoe
Damacela, since she was on the cover issue of Seventeen Magazine!
The 12th to be exact was the day that I went to the Vera Bradley
and Seventeen Magazine. I was super excited that day; at school this
was all that I was thinking about! I got home after school and got
ready the event was at 6 at the Sheraton Hotel Downtown Chicago. - please pardon some of my pics came out blurry, this was
before I got my nice camera for Christmas! :)

This was the drive downtown Chicago
and these were the pictures I took

So when we got there we had to sign consent forms
and all this blah-blah paperwork. Once we did that
we got id's with are name on them and a free Vera
Bradley keychain lanyard to keep your i.d on! My
mom and I waited until we had to go in; in the mean
time they had a pink carpet were we took pics (can't
find the pics for the life of me). Then, I was time for
us to go in - we were greeted by people holding cocktail
drinks and we took some. My mom and I literally sprinted
to get front row seats for the mini Vera Bradley fashion
show. We sat there for about ten minutes soaking in the
fun of loud music, drinking soda cocktails and looking at
the Vera Bradley runway!

Here's the runway up close

Here's the sign about the event

Here's the runway

Here's the cover of 17 magazine Oct. with
Zoe Damacela!

Then, the event begins!!

Liz on Location (left) and Co-founder of Vera Bradley(Right)
Barbara Bradley Baekgaard - talk about the company

Liz and the stylist from 17 mag - talking about how to wear
outfits that go with the new Vera Bradley collection

First look - Colorful and Sporty!

Second Look - Comfy and Casual!

Third Look - Cute and Nerdy!

Fourth Look - Casual and Comfy!

Fifth look - Dress it up and Cute!

Sixth look - The cute dress!

The End of the Mini fashion show!


The we saw about the new collection and the company!

You could design and create your own VB purse this was mine!

Then this was the shopping event!

This was a fun even met Zoe D - got her autograph; already
made a post about it. We also got goodie bags with VB wallets
and fun treats!


  1. your blog is adorable! i love number 1 and number six the most. followed:)