Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rachel Roy Signing!

I met RR at the Macy's on State Street Chicago May 21st 2011. I literally
Idolize her! Her clothes and accessories are young and fresh.

I look up to her because, we both have a mixed background; me being
Black and White and her Indian and Dutch. I was even lucky enough
to get her autograph -she was 30 mins till leaving and she was only going
to sign autographs to people in the cutoff of the line. My mom and I got in
line but, they said we couldn't get to meet her :(. I was sad and even crying.
I was taking pictures of her left and right thinking this was all I would get.
My mom went up to her team and said "My daughter is her number one
fan and the youngest - she really wants an autograph". They said "OMG will
make sure to get her an autograph, What's her name?". " Colette."
So I got an autograph! Most of the time people spell my name wrong,
Collette or Colete but, it's Colette and she spelled my name right!
That meant alot lol! But, soon after I bought a pair of her safety pin
earrings - which I love! Ever since then I can't believe that I saw her
and got her autograph!

Here's Some Pics of RR!

The Autograph! - That made my day :)

Her Section of Macy's

Pieces I loved of her Summer Collection!

I though this was very interesting - It's the Indian god
Krishna and books that inspire her. There's a set of these
in every store.

Here's her Spring 2011 Fashion Film called "Move" - which
I love the music and the dancers saw this clip at the signing
and I have loved ever since.

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