Thursday, December 22, 2011

I got a new Camera!

So I got this new SLR camera - very hd and makes
you feel as if your really there. I have been wanting
this since I went to NY and I have been taking
pics everywhere it's so fun. I wanted to show you
guys my fashion inspired Christmas tree. I believe
it really speaks for it's self lol.

So here's my pink tree and as you can see
my birthday card wall and collages of things
I love. I absolutely can't live in a room with
out my special touch of fashion ads

Close up of the lights

Glitzy Silver high heel!

This one is actually not an ornament a cute boot key-chain
charm from Old Navy

Yum! Ice cream cone

and last my Juicy Couture Ornament! Also my topper is
lime green such a cute combo. I love Christmas and my
light-hearted fun tree.

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