Monday, October 10, 2011

Hard work pays off!

I haven't blogged for a minute but, yet so much has happened.
Lots of the pics for my upcoming blog is on my camera and I'm
in the mist of looking for the cord. I've encountered everything
from inspirations I'm excited to share with you guys to winning
people's choice award for a green art show. But, I have a great set
of news to tell right now! When I was dropping off my dress for
the green art show, I came home and did the usual. Make a coffee
and do my homework. Being busy with my school life and education,
I always check my e-mail for new updates from people I'm working
with and what not. I so happened to check my junk mail and there it
was. The Acceptance letter from Teen Vogue. I'd never won any type
of prize and this one was huge for me! The app for The Teen Vogue
Fashion U was put up early June. The whole month of July I spent
my time by incorporating juicy info about basically who I am, what
area of fashion do I want to be apart of, who inspires, sketches,
clothing I've made. The whole 9 yards. The app was supposed to be
due August 1st but, they generously extended it to the 10th. For me
this meant putting a little bit more umph into 200 words or less.
Sent my app about August 5th, they stated that acceptance e-mails
will be sent out September. About a month had passed by and there
it was! I'm SUPER exited! October 21-23 I'll be in NEW YORK taking
seminars by the best in fashion. The classes I signed up for are Chris
Benz, Peter Som, Lulu Frost and what not. Opening statements will
be with Michael Kors! Friday night kick-off at H&M and Topshop
Saturday! Free Goodie bags, shopping with Mom. It's my first time
going to NY but, it's not just going there but, for fashion! So in this
week in a half before I go I planning the packing and what I need to
bring and my schedule. I will be taking pictures and video of everything.

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