Saturday, September 17, 2011

Green Arts Show - Sept 18th

What's new with me! I've gotten used to school, the homework and waking
up early. But, I still adjusting to blogging and keeping up with my fashion
related life. So I believe it's over due for some new blog posts. So, I made
this dress for my town (If you've been reading my blog you'll see a few posts
about this dress - Check them out to refresh yourself). So my dress was on
display at the heart of town the mayor's office. I was told a handfuls of people
came by not even to see the mayor but, see my creation :) I was invited by the
director of an Eco-Art show for a week in my town. The show is about how to
make people more aware of eco conscious art. So, my piece fits right in. It took
me sometime and soul searching to firgue how exactly how I can make a connection.
Which I did! So, I filled out the app, saying that my piece is Eco-Friendly because,
when most people get flyers they look at them once then throw them out. I took
these materials into consideration and reused them to make a loving piece of
fashion and art! Few little days passed and got the e-mail stating I was chosen
to be in the show :). Some other great news is many Chicago media will be
there because, the guess artist is Nancy Judd. She makes pieces of fashion
with basically garbage. Cool right! And I and the other participants get to
help her make a dress out of the grocery bags. The reception for the show is
tommorrow for three hours and the workshop is from two hours before the
reception. I will be bringing my camera and taking tons of pics, definitely blog

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