Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fashion Construction in the Chi - 3rd Week

Bonjour! Readers haven't updated you yet of the rest of my class and here it is :).Everytime the week would wrap up and go into the weekend I was estatic, to make the drive down town Chicago, take the elevator tothe seventh floor andopen the door of indie music and sewing machines blowing off some steam. Right away I put my bag down and dug in. This week we had been tweakin our projects slightly, then marking them up with pens and then laying the piece of work on really thick cardboard like paper. Here's some lovely pics of the updated look from last week.

If, you see in the pictures I describe my piece as a women m
enswear because, of the collar but, I believe with the tucks of fabric give it a fresh look! and the bottom will be just fabric hanging down as in the pics of the second week.

Here's more pics from that day!

Here's the bottom of the dress form and how messy the floor
was and last my foot lol!

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